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Virudhunagar is a  major business town and it is the capital of Virudhunagar District located at a distance of 45 Kms South-West of Madurai. This place was once referred to as 'Virudhupatti'. In the beginning of 20th century A.D., Virudhupatti was one among the six important places of Ramanathapuram District. Due to the rapid growth in the field of trade and education, it was renamed as 'Virudhunagar' on 29th October 1923. The term 'Virudhu' means 'Award' in Tamil. Efficient Chief Minister (1954-63) & King Maker - Karma Veerar Kamarajar belongs to this town. 


 Goddess Mariamman

Virudhunagar Mariamman Temple is four hundred years ancient and the yearly festival 'Panguni Pongal'  is very famous. Several hundred thousands devotees taking up Fire Pot Procession as way of respect to Goddess Mariamman. Relatives and friends gather together during the processions for Water Deluge of Goddess Mariamman, Black and White dot smeared body adorned with neem leaves camaflouge dressing, Kairu Kuthu, Agni Chatti carrying by devotees plain palm and Temple Car (Therottam) functions and they go around the town.   

Temple Devasthanam, Telephone : +91 4562 243445, +91 4562 243645












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(History of Virudhunagar)

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Women Help Line: 1091

Child Help Line:     1098

Railway Enquires:  243747


Police: 243222, 244735, 100

           244653, 280169,

Fire:            101

Ambulance: 108

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