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Virudhunagar exports all kinds of Edible oil to Dubai, Srilanka and also exports cotton, chili. spices, cardamom to USA and Singapore. Virudhunagar is a famous business centre without markets. The people of Virudhunagar play an important role in price fixation of consumer products. Hence there is a popular saying, “virudhunagar produces nothing but controls everything”.

Trade and Commerce

Virudhunagar is a traders’ town. It has been involved in the marketing and distribution of commodities since British times and has a well developed network for purchase of goods and commodities. Virudhunagar, Rajapalayam, Sattur, Watrap, Aruppukkottai and Kamudi are important centres for wholesale and retail trade. Cotton, groundnut, chillies and spices are the main agricultural goods of trade. Matches, crackers, cement and textiles are marketed both within and outside the State.

Two warehouses at Virudhunagar and Rajapalayam offer facilities for storage of food grains, spices, pulses, chillies, jaggery and cotton.


The establishment of textile mills, cement factories and a number of industries in the small and medium sectors coupled with the encouragement given by the state government in the form of incentives and setting up of industrial centres has accelerated the rate of industrialization in the District.

Cotton is a major commercial crop of the District and the cotton industry therefore occupies an important place in the economy. Rajapalayam is the chief centre for spinning mills and ginning factories. Surgical cotton and bandage cloth are manufactured here. Textile mills in the produce a variety of cotton yarn.

As the District has deposits of limestone and gypsum, the cement industry has gained a strong foothold. Tamil Nadu Cements – a Public Sector undertaking at Alangulam and Madras Cements – a Private Sector undertaking at Thulukkapatti are two large cement producing units. Tamil Nadu Cements has an annual production capacity of 4 lakh tonnes of Portland cement while Madras Cements has an annual capacity of 4.15 lakh tonnes.

Tamil Nadu Asbestos  is another Public Sector unit in the District producing asbestos cement sheets.

Sivakasi and Sattur are famous for the match industry. There are over 4500 match units. Crackers and fireworks is another important industry with about 400 units in the District. Explosives for blasting are also manufactured here. Over 70% of the total production of matches and fireworks in India is manufacture in Virudhunagar District. A large percentage of crackers are exported.

The printing industry was originally established to supply labels for the match and firework industries. Soon the industry developed and diversified into other areas of printing like books, posters, greeting cards and diaries. Sivakasi now offers state of the art, world class printing facilities.

Sundaram Fasteners and Brakes India Ltd. , private sector enterprises of the TVS group are located at Aviyur and Kanjanaiyakampatti in Kariapatti taluk. The former manufactures high density bolts and nuts while the latter manufactures automobile brakes.

There are 19335 registered small scale industrial units as on 31 December 1999 engaged in the manufacture of a very wide range of products.

Cottage and village industries are dispersed throughout the rural areas. Some common cottage industries are: making of boxes and other articles from Palmyra leaves, metal artifacts fashioned from copper and brass,and aluminium vessel manufacture for domestic use. Gem cutting has been introduced to provide employment for women.

Important Industries in the District

Idhayam Gingely oil, Virudhunagar

VVS Gingely oil, Virudhunagar

Anandham Gingely oil , Virudhunagar

LRC (London Rubber Company), Virudhunagar

Virudhunagar Textile Mills, Soolakarai, Virudhunagar

Abi's coffee, Virudhunagar

Hanuman Coffee, Virudhunagar

Maami's Masala, Virudhunagar

Standard fire works, Sivakasi

Lovely cards, Sivakasi

Match factories at Sivakasi, Sattur ,Virudhunagar.

Fire works ,Off-set Printing Presses at Sivakasi.

Nib Industry at Sattur 

Ginning, Spinning & Weaving Mills, Rajapalayam.

Madras Cements, (Ramco Group) Thulukkapatti.

Tamilnadu Cements, Alangulam.

Tamilnadu Asbestos, Alangulam.

Bolts and Nuts (T.V. Sundaram Fastners) Aaviyur.



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